Rencontre sérieuse dans l'Aisne (02)

Rencontre 02

Une mystérieuse rencontre POKÉMON ÉPÉE LET'S PLAY FR #02

You are following the selection Follow Do you want to be notified of the new artworks? His passion for drawing and painting led him to go to the National School of Rencontre 02 Arts in Conakry the capital in the 70's. With a degree in graphic arts, he rencontre 02 various workshops and experimented with different techniques.

Very attentive to the world of shapes and colours, he began by passionately copying nature.

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He travelled in his own country, to the Ivory Coast and finally to France, where he moved in He worked as a designer, illustrator and fashion designer, but soon decided to devote himself to painting.

Travelling and discoveries opened other perceptions of the world to him and gave him a new vision of art.

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He was freed from traditional constraints and has leaned towards contemporary art sinceand has finally thrived in his abstract creations. His hometown is a city of aboutinhabitants in the centre of which is a large market. The market oh Zalee remains his eternal source of inspiration.

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In general, the tropical atmosphere of markets and African cities feed his creativity. Niankoye works in oil and acrylic to recreate scenes of life in his country.

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The viewer finds the bright colours of Africa in his rencontre 02, but the artist stands out from the African Rencontre 02 by his trend towards abstraction. African themes and his heritage is a rencontre 02 which he does not depart from, but he tries to interpret in a personal way.

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Rencontre 02 vaporous splashes of colour transcribe the impression of movement and tumult specific to these places of exchange.

Niankoye paints his country from all views as if to exhaust her beauty, of which he never tires.

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