Se rencontrer allemand. Traduction Français-Allemand de "rencontrer"


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    DAG - German-Arab Association The association supports all efforts promoting political, se rencontrer allemand, scientific and cultural cooperation between Germans and Arabs. International encounters and exchanges both in Germany as well as in the Arab world are initiated, promoted and expanded through conferences, exhibitions, lecture series, delegations, exchange programs, cultural events, festivals, and varied sources of information including papers, brochures and books.

    It is also committed to assist individual members.

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    The GIGA is a leading research institute combining social science expertise on these four world regions. It explores developments in the field and links its knowledge to questions of global significance: Do democracies still have a chance?

    se rencontrer allemand

    How are conflicts over resources resolved? What are the social and economic impacts of globalisation at the local level? How do new alliances between emerging powers change international relations?

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    The Internet portal Qantara. The project is funded by the German Foreign Office.